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December 2013: The Bee Garden comes to the Araku Valley

22 Jan

Of late, we’ve observed a great improvement in beekeeping skills of our women beneficiaries. We’ve reached out to over eighty women in Araku Valley and there are encouraging signs for the near future.

copyThe majority of our women beneficiaries have overcome their fear of bees and showing a keen interest in taking up the task. We recently had a visit from Senior Advisor Sustainability and Shared Value Creation at Danone, Bernard Giraud. Danone, in partnership with Naandi Foundation has been working towards livelihoods solutions in the Araku Valley. He was impressed by what he saw and amazed by the lack of fear among our women while handling the bees. The local tribes people in Araku  have an ingrained sense of harmony with nature, as do each and every one of our beneficiaries.Visit

Another bit of exciting news, the Pagoda of the bee garden has been built and is ready to welcome the bees.  The Hariyali (Greenery) Project has helped us ensure that we have the most bee-friendly plants around our ‘Bee Shangri-La.’ Plants. A range of tomatoes, basil, lychees and even strawberries snugly wrap our bee sanctuary in the Central Nursery in Hukumpetta. To guaranty to  establish a bee sanctuary, and thanks to the practice of biodynamic agriculture, we are slowly improving the soil which will lead to healthy bees.

bee garden

beeWe’re welcoming visitors in Araku Valley to come check us out and let us know what you think.


January 2013: Honey-filled hives promise sweeter futures

16 Feb

Phew! A LOT of work behind us now. Hectically exciting times ahead for everybody involved. Here’s an update for all on where the project is heading!

Honey: Nectar of Gods

Lakshmi checking if the honey is ready!

6 months after being established, our first beneficiary’s hive is brimming with honey! We’re happy to report that we’ve collected 2kg of pure medicinal honey from the super.

In order to reduce aggravation caused to the bees, we’ve left one comb full untouched.


Meet our youngest beekeeper, and she loves honey!  Just another indicator that beekeeping is an easy activity which people from all walks of life can quickly grasp and consequently take up part-time.

Sunhive: The Biodynamic hive

first draft of the sun hive made in India

First draft of the sun hive made in India

Reminder: We are working with a biodynamic hive, called the Sun Hive, it was donated by the natural beekeeping trust from England.  I would like to thank them for arranging the transport of the Sunhive to India and in addition to the donors whose generosity made this possible.

The sun hive is normally made of long rye straw. In the valley, rice straw is abundantly available, and we have to make do with that.While it may look a bit less tidy, the principle remains the same. Our first Indian Sun hive is on its way. It may not be perfect right now, but it is surely headed that way.