Your guide to Honey hunting

29 Jul

So, which honey should you buy?

The processed, super-market brand that we’ve all become used to is certainly not fit to be our first-choice honey. So  what is fit for our consumption?


You  could begin by checking your honey at home. Did you make a good choice? Take a glass of water and pour some honey in it. Pure honey will form a lump at the bottom and wouldn’t mix with water.If it disintegrates and mixes with the water right away, you can be certain that it’s not pure. You should buy raw honey, this honey hasn’t been filtered, heated or processed. Pure raw honey will never be perfectly clear and generally has particles of pollen in the bottom of the jar.

Honey comes from different flowers often presenting an array of diversely coloured nectar. Don’t be afraid to buy honey which is not crystal golden brown. The colours can vary from white when crystallised to dark amber. Unfortunately there is no specific legislation for the labeling of raw honey. First make sure the label says “raw” and not “pasteurised”. I do not recommend buying raw honey which has been pasteurised. Also don’t buy blended raw honey.

3881377113_bb3dfabb19Your best bet for high-quality honey is your local bee farm. The people there would be of great help and will be more than happy to answer all your doubts. Not everyone has access to a local honey farm, so your second best choice is a health food store but I am guessing you’ll have to part with a few more pennies. Raw honey can be bought online, but be careful, try to call the seller and have a bit more information on where the product is from and how it’s been processed.

It’s sad that nowadays it’s becoming increasingly difficult to buy real honey. Once you’re equipped with your research, finding the best bottle in your area becomes all the more easier. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding your local honey in our comments section.

[Photo credit by sk8geek]

[Photo credit by jessicareeder]


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