Obama and Monsanto wants to conquer the world food supply

22 May

Barack Obama has signed the bill “Monsanto Protected Act” into a law on Tuesday 26th March 2013. The act is said to be written in collusion with Monsanto Corporation, the world’s largest producer of genetically modified seeds and crops.

obama Since his election, Obama has always been a supporter of Monsanto. In 2009, Obama appointed Islam Siddiqui to lead the agricultural negotiations at the US trade Office. Guess what? Mr. Siddiqui, from 2001 to 2008,  was a registered lobbyist representing Biotechnology companies including Monsanto.  Other similar cases only echo the cause for concern.

With the support of the US government, Monsanto’s goal is to conquer the world food supply. It’s happening faster than you think!

The Monsanto Protected Act allows the corporation to grow, harvest and sell genetically modified crops without reviewing the potential health risk of these ones. It means that the future impact on the health of the consumer is not taken in consideration. It also allows big corporations to sell their GMO and GE seeds even when legal courts have stopped them to do so.

8566275712_b95c848dc6In addition, farmers buying GMO or GE seeds have no legal right to save seeds and are forced to buy new seeds for the next season.Monsanto supply systemic seeds as well as chemical pesticides. The use of these chemical is one of the major cause of the death of millions of bees.

The influence of Monsanto is not merely endemic to the United States. Monsanto produces the largest quantity of GMO seeds which has been promoted aboard, especially in developing countries. In 2010, Wikileaks exposed the pubic relationship strategy  the US government aggressively pursued through various conferences,events and travels to convince scientists, media houses,industries, farmers and politicians of the absence of ill-effects in GMO. Between 2005 and 2009, 28 such events have been organised by the USDA.   In 2013, the United States is expected to export $145 billion in agricultural products.

jeffAfter  “Monsanto Protected Act” passed secretly, the company became above the law. Leaving farmers with little in terms of protection.

“To avoid public scrutiny, the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ was quietly and anonymously inserted into the continuing resolution passed this March to avert a government shutdown,”explained Jeff Merkley, Oregano Senator. Last week, Sen. Merkley announced that he will repeal the controversial law by offering a new amendment.

Watch this space for more.

Photo credit by Valeriy osipov

Photo credit by Noel Morata

Photo credit by Donkeyhotey


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