April 2013: A new worker bee joins the hive

10 May


We welcome our new worker bee, Govardhan, who joined the buzz last month. While he may not know much about beekeeping, he’s a fast learner and is extremely capable when it comes to community mobilization. We’re glad to have him on board.

devi killoDSC_0489

We selected 14 new beneficiaries from M.Gonduru village. At current we’ve distributed 3 hives in the village and within a week’s time, they were filled with colonies. Meet 2 of our new beekeepers: Devi and Parvati!

Monitoring of other colonies is also underway:

RamaRao was part of our pilot, he joined the program in October 2012. His colony is now well established and it should start producing honey in the next 3 months.


To produce one pounds of honey, honey bees need to travel an average of  55,000 miles/ need to visit 2 million flower. You can understand the value of a drop of honey for them!


New comb being made by the honey bees. The honey bees are real engineers!It has been proven by mathematicians that making the cells into hexagons is the most efficient shape!

“The comb and the wax from which it is constructed are not entirely produced by the bees but also an inseparate part of their lives”-Jurgen Tautz


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